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Firm Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Five years ago I left my position with another law firm and started Tozzi Law, LLC to concentrate on commercial collections for law firm and business clients. In addition to the millions of dollars I assisted clients in recovering at my previous firm, I am proud of the fact that my firm has successfully recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars more on behalf of its clients through settlements and active collections practices in only its first five years.

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Interview of Douglas Tozzi in DeKalb Bar News

Daniel DeWoskin, Attorney at Law, DeWoskin Law Firm, LLC interviews Douglas Tozzi for the DeKalb Bar News appearing in The Practice Corner: Interview with a Solo Practitioner (October, 2009 Edition).

“Last month I discussed some of the considerations and challenges involved in establishing a solo law practice right out of law school. This month, I spoke with Douglas Tozzi, an attorney who spent more than seven years ...

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